Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Silver Rings

Here's a nice short video that I think you will enjoy even if you have seen it before. It has been around for a good while with almost 3 million views on YouTube, but then maybe you weren't one of those 3 million. If you happen to visit it on YouTube there are a few others there that you might also enjoy but I think this is the best. If you haven't seen it before I am almost certain you will watch it more than once and want to share it with someone.

Please Note: This video includes audio that can be adjusted on the video. The audio is not excessively loud, but you may want to adjust the initial volume settings depending on your situation.

I think it is amazing and beautiful. If you would like some further info on the technical side of those air bubbles I can recommend Mystery of the Silver Rings which includes a brief description on the physics of how they are formed.

Source: I got the video from an email but it has been around for some time.
Creator: See YouTube


  1. This is a great idea Baker. I LOVED the dolphins!!! They are my favorite animal! It was so peaceful to watch.

  2. Hey Kelly - I loved this video, too. It is the kind you can watch over and over. And they did a good job with the music they added.


  3. Wow... this is one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen! Dolphins are so intelligent... this goes to my all time favourite bookmarks immediately!!! Thank you Baker.. I love your new blog and will add it to my blog asap!

  4. Nice idea Baker..I enjoyed the posts...

  5. Thanks avril - I thought you would probably enjoy it

    Michelle - thanks - glad you enjoyed them - I probably will not be posting a lot to this bog but just wanted somewhere to pass along a few I thought others would like also

  6. This is very cool. Thanks for sharing this and the other posts you have are wonderful too. Maria